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Video Transfers

Our video transfer process utilizes professional quality, dedicated video converters and hardware to ensure the best possible transfers of your materials. Availabe output formats include DV-Compression AVI or MOV files [around 13.5 GB/Hour] for archiving and editing, high quality MP4 files [~1GB/Hour] for viewing and online sharing, or playable DVDs [+$12 per].

Video files can be delivered via upload to Dropbox (first 5GB free, $5 for each additional 5GB], on a customer supplied external hard drive or thumb drive (free), or you can purchase one from us [$99 for a 2TB external drive, $19-$39 for 32GB-256GB thumb drives].

Analog to Digital provides transfer services for the following film/video formats: 8mm & Super8 Film, VHS (NTSC, PAL & SECAM), S-VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, HDV, Digital 8, Hi-8, Video-8, Betacam and Betamax.

Video Transfer (VHS/Hi8/MiniDV/VHS-C) to MOV/AVI/MP4 (0-60 minutes): [$22] | (61-120 minutes): [$32]

BetacamSP to MOV/AVI/MP4 (0-60 Minutes): [$30} | (61-120 Minutes): [$46]

HDV to .MTS (0-60 Minutes): [$26] | [61-120 minutes): [$38]

8mm & Super8 Film Transfer to MP4: Silent [$0.35 per foot} | With sound [+$0.10 per foot]

Playable DVD (Up to 2 hours): [+$12 ]


Optional Services Available: Video Format Conversion [$12] | DVD Copy [$20 per DVD] | Archival_Gold_DVD [+$6 per DVD] | Custom_Label_Design [$15] | Custom Video Editing [$75/hour]


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